Nintendo WII ISO to RVZ Conversion

Started by NeverGiven, Feb 20, 2023, 11:35 PM

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I tried to convert my Wii collection from NKit.GCZ to RVZ and could not get the size or CRCs to match.

I started by converting the NKits to ISO and verifying the ISOs are correct per the dat on

Then I converted the ISOs to RVZ using Dolphin 5.0-18486 (latest version) with Zstandard, 128k block size, and a compression level of 19.  None of the 10 conversions I tried matched the dat.  I tried the default setting with compression level 5 without success.  I also tried compression level 22 and could not get the file size down to what is listed in the dat.  I find it odd that a compression level of 22 does not result in a smaller file.

I searched for a guide on how to convert Wii ISOs to RVZ to match the roms dat on without luck.  I did find a reddit, but no solution was posted.

I would leave them alone, but it appears like the only Wii dat being updated is the RVZ one.  The others are a few month behind.  I really do not want to re-download the whole collection.  I already test the limits of 'unlimited' data every month.

Has anyone been successful in converting their Wii collection to RVZ and matching the dat on  If so, I would love to know how you did it.


The dats on that site are for NKit RVZ.  You are creating just RVZ files.


Quote from: FidoFuz on Feb 25, 2023, 02:59 AMThe dats on that site are for NKit RVZ.  You are creating just RVZ files.

Maybe it refers to NKIT 2.0 which supports RVZ


Wow!  That took a week, but well worth the time to convert instead of download.  My wife was not impressed with my server fans running on high the whole time.  It may be time for water cooling just to minimize the noise.  :o

NKit UI worked awesome!

Thank you again for all the help!