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Parent Directory 100 Bananas.flac Angry Aztec Barrel Course.flac Angry Aztec Boss.flac Angry Aztec Caves.flac Angry Aztec Lobby.flac Angry Aztec Race.flac Angry Aztec Rotating Room.flac Angry Aztec Temple 1.flac Angry Aztec Temple 2.flac Angry Aztec.flac Baboon Balloon.flac Banana Fairy Isle.flac Banana Fairy Photo.flac Banana Fairy.flac Banana Medal.flac Barrel Course Complete.flac Battle Arena.flac Beach Ambience.flac Bonus Barrel Introduction.flac Bonus Barrel.flac Boss Introduction.flac Boss Unlock 1.flac Boss Unlock 2.flac Candy's Music Store.flac Chunky's Triangle Trample.flac Collect Banana Token.flac Collect Blueprint.flac Collect Bonus Token.flac Collect Crystal Coconut.flac Collect Golden Banana.flac Collect Melon Piece.flac Collect Multi Banana Token.flac Collect Pearl.flac Collect Seed.flac Cranky's Lab.flac Cranky's Potion.flac Credits.flac Creepy Castle Ballroom.flac Creepy Castle Barrel Course.flac Creepy Castle Boss.flac Creepy Castle Dungeons 1.flac Creepy Castle Dungeons 2.flac Creepy Castle Dungeons 3.flac Creepy Castle Dungeons 4.flac Creepy Castle Greenhouse.flac Creepy Castle Hut.flac Creepy Castle Library.flac Creepy Castle Lobby.flac Creepy Castle Mine Cart.flac Creepy Castle Museum.flac Creepy Castle Silo.flac Creepy Castle Tree Trunk.flac Creepy Castle Wind Tower.flac Creepy Castle.flac Crystal Caves Barrel Course.flac Crystal Caves Board Game.flac Crystal Caves Boss.flac Crystal Caves Earthquake.flac Crystal Caves Igloo.flac Crystal Caves Indoors.flac Crystal Caves Lobby.flac Crystal Caves Race.flac Crystal Caves Rotating Room.flac Crystal Caves.flac DK Isle.flac DK Rap.flac DK Star.flac DK's Treehouse.flac Defeat Boss.flac Diddy's Guitar Gazump.flac Donkey's Bongo Blast.flac Ending.flac Enguarde.flac Entrance.flac Exit.flac Failure.flac Find Blueprint.flac Find Golden Banana.flac Find Melon Piece.flac Find Multi Banana Token.flac Frantic Factory Boss.flac Frantic Factory Car Race.flac Frantic Factory Conveyor Belt.flac Frantic Factory Lobby.flac Frantic Factory Production Room.flac Frantic Factory Research and Development.flac Frantic Factory.flac Fungi Forest Barrel Course.flac Fungi Forest Bonus Room.flac Fungi Forest Boss.flac Fungi Forest Giant Mushroom.flac Fungi Forest Indoors 1.flac Fungi Forest Indoors 2.flac Fungi Forest Lobby.flac Fungi Forest Mine Cart.flac Fungi Forest Race.flac Fungi Forest Spider.flac Fungi Forest Tree Trunk.flac Fungi Forest- Day.flac Fungi Forest- Night.flac Funky's Armoury.flac Game Over.flac Gloomy Galleon Barrel Course.flac Gloomy Galleon Boat Race.flac Gloomy Galleon Boss.flac Gloomy Galleon Caves.flac Gloomy Galleon Lighthouse.flac Gloomy Galleon Lobby.flac Gloomy Galleon Mechanical Fish.flac Gloomy Galleon Mermaid Palace.flac Gloomy Galleon Pearl Treasure.flac Gloomy Galleon Ship Ruins.flac Gloomy Galleon Sunken Ship.flac Gloomy Galleon.flac Gorilla Gone.flac Happy K Lumsy.flac Hideout Helm Bonus Barrel.flac Hideout Helm Completed.flac Hideout Helm Lobby.flac Hideout Helm.flac Hunky Chunky.flac Introduction.flac Jungle Japes 1.flac Jungle Japes 2.flac Jungle Japes Ambience.flac Jungle Japes Barrel Course.flac Jungle Japes Boss.flac Jungle Japes Caves Ambience.flac Jungle Japes Caves.flac Jungle Japes Lobby.flac Jungle Japes Mine Cart.flac Jungle Japes Storm.flac Jungle Japes Underground.flac K Lumsy Key.flac K Lumsy.flac K Rool Battle Introduction.flac K Rool Defeated.flac K Rool Duel.flac K Rool Takeoff.flac K Rool.flac Krem Isle- Snide's HQ.flac Krem Isle.flac Lanky's Trombone Tremor.flac Logo.flac Lose Bonus Tokens.flac Lose Race.flac Mad Maze Maul.flac Main Menu.flac Minecart Mayhem.flac Mini Monkey.flac Mini-Boss.flac Monkey Smash.flac Musical Instrument Refill.flac Nintendo and Rareware Coins.flac OrangSprint.flac Pause Menu.flac Pause.flac Race Flags.flac Rambi.flac Rocket Barrel Boost.flac Snide's HQ.flac Stealthy Snoop.flac Strong Kong.flac Success.flac Sun Emblem.flac Tag Barrel - Chunky.flac Tag Barrel - DK.flac Tag Barrel - Diddy.flac Tag Barrel - Lanky.flac Tag Barrel - Tiny.flac Tiny's Saxophone Slam.flac Transformation.flac Troff 'n' Scoff.flac Unknown 1.flac Unknown 2.flac Weapon Upgrade.flac Win Race.flac Wrinkly Kong.flac