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Parent Directory Legacy of Darkness/ A Fallen Rose.flac A Promise of Light.flac A Secret Path.flac Absence of Evil.flac Annex - Silent Madness (lead-in).flac Annex - Silent Madness.flac Another Fernandez (1).flac Another Fernandez.flac Another Vampire Hunter (Part 1).flac Another Vampire Hunter (Part 2).flac Bloodborn.flac Breaking the Magic Seal.flac Carrie's Bad Ending.flac Carrie's Good Ending - The Green Gravestone (Part 1).flac Carrie's Good Ending - The Green Gravestone (Part 2).flac Castle Center.flac Castle Escape (lead-in).flac Castle Escape.flac Castlevania Collapses.flac Credits B.flac Dark Plot (Theme of Actrise).flac Dark Plot.flac Death of the Servant.flac Demon Salesman (Renon's Theme).flac Demon Salesman.flac Departing Souls.flac Destiny of Darkness (Actrise's Defeat).flac Domain of the Spiderwomen.flac Duel Tower (lead-in).flac Duel Tower.flac Enforcing the Contract.flac Evil's True Form.flac First Struggle (Nosferatu).flac Fishman Attack.flac Fourth Struggle (Concert of Another Dimension).flac Game Over.flac Hamlet People (Part 1).flac Hamlet People (Part 2).flac Hamlet People (Part 3).flac Innocence Lost.flac Into the Castle Grounds.flac Into the Villa Courtyard.flac Intrusion.flac Invisible Sorrow (lead-in).flac Invisible Sorrow.flac Lamented Rose.flac Lord of Darkness.flac Magic Detonation.flac Main Menu.flac Malus Reappears (Part 1).flac Malus Reappears (Part 2).flac Malus' Malice.flac Maze Garden.flac Miasma of Darkness (Hellhound).flac Moment of Silence.flac Mysterious Coffin.flac Planetarium.flac Prologue (1).flac Prologue (2).flac Prologue.flac Redemption (Death's Defeat).flac Reinhardt's Bad Ending.flac Reinhardt's Good Ending - Beautiful Rose (Part 1).flac Reinhardt's Good Ending - Beautiful Rose (Part 2).flac Rendevous with Darkness.flac Renon's Departure.flac Return of Evil.flac Return to the Abyss.flac Rise of the Skeletons.flac Rosa's Sacrifice, Reinhardt's Rage.flac Rosa's Theme.flac SFX Crystal Magic.flac SFX Dark Bombing.flac SFX Deep Bass.flac SFX Electric Charge.flac Second Struggle (Hellish Hallucinations).flac Shudder (Bone Dragon).flac Shudder (Cerberus 1).flac Shudder (Cerberus 2).flac Shudder (Creaking Skull 1).flac Shudder (Creaking Skull 2).flac Shudder (Duel Tower).flac Shudder (Were-Tiger).flac Sinister Ambitions.flac Spread of the Plague.flac Stairway to the Clouds (lead-in).flac Stairway to the Clouds.flac The Lost Boy (Malus' Theme).flac The Lost Boy.flac Third Struggle (Dance of Illusion).flac Through the Sealed Wall.flac Title (Candidate's Concerto).flac Title.flac Toothed Wheel.flac Tower of Execution.flac Tower of Science.flac Tower of Sorcery.flac Underground Waterway (lead-in).flac Underground Waterway.flac Unexpected Encounter.flac Unknown Terror.flac Unused Harpsichord Theme.flac Vampire Vincent.flac Vile Revelation.flac Villa Vampire.flac Watchtower.flac