Make a website

Go to Google Webmasters

Go to Bing Webmaster

Register your domain (with www) and without "www"

Add the SSL version as well if you have SSL

Create a sitemap here

Upload Sitemap.xml to your root directory

Upload the sitemap on your google/bing webmaster account on both your www and non-www domain (SSL & Non-SSL, then submit it

Create a file named "robots.txt" in your root public_html directory

Fill it with this:

User-agent: *


Submit your robots.txt in your webmaster account.

Enable keep-alive & Use PHP 7.1 (In .htaccess file)

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
Header set Connection keep-alive

<IfModule mime_module>
AddType application/x-httpd-ea-php71 php

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

JSON-LD - Structured Data

Selecting components for your PC


I recommend using Intel Processors, when selecting your motherboard be sure that it is a 1151 type socket

Intel i9 processors use 2066 socket

Be sure to take notice whether it is Crossfire/Multi-GPU or SLI compatible (multiple graphic cards)

ATX is standard-size PC, m-ATX for compact PC


Intel has released the Coffee-Lake processors, they range from the i3 8100 to i7 8700

If a the processor name ends with "K/X" it means that it is overclockable (Going beyond factory speed)

Coffee-Lake requires a Z370 chipset on the Motherboard

RAM (Random-Access-Memory)

The 1151 socket is compatible with DDR4 memory

Go with 2133Mhz modules since anything higher than that show little performance gain

The lower the "CL" value is the faster the modules are


Any chassie will do really, the cheaper the better in my opinion since then you are able to put more money into other components


Having a SSD (or PCI-e SSD) nowadays is almost a must

You can compliment the SSD with a high capacity harddrive

GPU (Graphics-card)

Go for AMD if you are on a limited budget, else Nvidia

PSU (Power-Supply)

Take anything that works for your setup that is Gold80+ certified.

Optional Components

You can select and AudioCard of your Liking, however I recommend getting a DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter)

There is watercooling if you can afford it, then there is custom CPU fan cooling

Improve connection speed (Wired ethernet only)

Headphones & DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter)

I recommend the ATH-AD5000X (These are Open-Back, there are also Closed-Back) and ifI micro iDSD BL

Make sure you update to the latest idsd-firmware

You will need a OTG-USB cable to use it with your phone

USB Audio Player PRO & NEUTRON

You will require this/these app(s) to play sound files on android if you are using a DAC

Useful Drivers/Tools

Clean your Chassie

Reduce RAM usage in Windows

Disable Unwanted Start-up Items

Disabling Mouse-Acceleration

Free-up Disk Space

Defrag Hardrive or Optimize SSD

League of Legends / Heroes of the Storm on Linux